Shoulder Specialist

ADVANCED SOFT TISSUE MANIPULATION Text is best for immediate response. Sheet draping required I have over 5 years experience. I've worked 1 year at a spa seeing up to 100 clients a month, as well as an additional year working under the supervision of a chiropractor and now over a year in my own practice. Prior I was a hospice care nurse, worked in occupational rehab and coached Special Olympics swimming. I have reviews at Keystone Health and Wellness Denver on my ad. I use integrative methods employing DEEP TISSUE, NEUROMUSCULAR, DEEP TISSUE and TRIGGER POINT. I work on PLANTAR FASCIITIS, MIGRAINES, TMJ, JOINT RANGE OF MOTION, and HIP AND LOWER BACK TIGHTNESS. I use advanced soft tissue scraping and manipulation to provide mobility and pain relief to shoulders, necks, lower back, and hips.