It's time to create social change and awareness around mental wellness!

Our vision is to lead the mental wellness revolution. GBX Foods Fill your body with only the good stuff. Our GBX Foods System includes GBX SuperFood, GBX SeedFiber and GBX Protein. These new products not only provide microbiome-boosting nutrients, but they also deliver stress resilience benefits that you can feel at the cellular level. Together, they work to nourish good gut bacteria and improve microbiome balance.* Here are some short video's for your information: GBX Protein Video GBX Superfood Video GBX Seedfiber Video Testimonials: “I started the Fundamentals Pack™ in the morning along with Mood+, and then I’d take Sleep+ at night, and Relief+ as needed. Within 2 days, I was sleeping all night. Within about 4-5 days, I felt like a cloud had lifted off of me! I was alert and my brain fog had lifted!” -Dena F. “I began with the Reboot+ which was a great reminder of how addicted my body was to caffeine and sugar. I felt so clean and clear following the process.” -Matt P. “About half way through month 3 on just the FundaMentals Pack, I realized one day that I felt light, happy and joyful. I began to feel that way everyday.” -Laurisa T. Take a free Mental Health Assessment!
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