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Like new size 8 grey skechers. Cask only. Thanks!

UGG boots

Size:6 Color: black Material: Condition: used (only 2-3 times) Brand: UGG
Size: 8M Color: Brown Material: Hand Made Leather Condition: New Brand:AEROSOLS W/Extendable Calf Never worn still has price tag on of $39.99
Large MK purse in great condition. Cash only. Thanks.
I bought these at the PX and felt that they were comfortable. It wasn't until later found out that they were actually a little too small and i could go up a 1/2 size. PX didn't let me return them since they were worn outside. Got them on Thursday and they are pretty much brand new
These shoes were purchased a gift this summer for my wife. She already had the same shoes. They have never been worn. They can be shipped to you at your expense.
View Appraisal Letter For Detailed Information. Brand New Engagement Ring; Still In original Packaging; 1500$; Originally Purchased In Columbus, Ga From Jewelers Touch
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