Gentle Loving American Terrier Pitbull Needs Rehoming

Meet Forge, an adorable and affectionate pitbull who embodies fun and love. He has an incredible zest for life and thoroughly enjoys playing and cuddling. Forge adores children and is exceptionally friendly towards other dogs, making him an ideal companion for any family. His playful and goofy nature adds a touch of lightheartedness to every moment, and he even has a nerdy side that makes him extra endearing. It's important to note that Forge is not aggressive nor bred for fighting, so if you are seeking a loyal family member and a true companion, he would be the perfect fit. Forge thrives on love and reciprocates it wholeheartedly. All he needs now is a caring and loving person or family to provide him with a forever home. Forge, a lively and vibrant canine, celebrates his fourth birthday. Since he was a mere six weeks old, he has been raised with great care and attention. His health is excellent, as he enjoys a nutritious diet and has a hearty appetite. Forge has received all the necessary vaccinations to keep him protected and healthy. While he has not been neutered, he continues to thrive with his youthful energy and zest for life. Contact:
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