rescued male yorkie

Hello everyone, Mr. Yorkie or as he likes to be called Sir. Yorkie is back, To try and explain this simply he got re-homed to a great family only a little over a month ago, anyway I did everything I was supposed to do, I checked out the family he was to go to and everything was great till the family's older son needed to move in with the parents and the son came with a pitt bull that the son had for many yrs, anyway the parents even though the pit never had any history of bad behavor they did not feel it was a good match a yorkie and a pitt so sadly they called me back and asked me if I could take him back in, so of course I felt the same way and they returned the little guy, back to square one. So lets try this one more time, Sir. Yorkie has already been threw hard times with his first owners that had lost there home do to loosing there job and could not keep him so when my girlfriend told me of the family needing to find a good home or it would have been straight to the pound I said yes to rescuing him, not with the intention on keeping him myself, though I would have loved to but I already have many little ones myself and am at the limit on amount aload to have so I must re-home him I hope to a forever home this time. He's a doll and loves his walks, he's not picky on the type of food or treats he is given. I do not believe he has been fixed yet but is up to all shots. He is full of spunk and loves toys and likes to sleep at the end of your bed. When I first rescued him I did pay the owners 400.00 but I am not asking what I paid, only 300.00 seems fair I hope. Again I just wish for him to be able to forever have a secure family and inviroment to live a happy life, he is about 2 1/2 yrs old and I think would be a great extention to a family with maybe another small dog not a pitt or any kind of same. Also a family with a child or children not to young but old enough to understand how to handle and care for a yorkie dog. We myself and Sir. Yorkie thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you soon. You may contact us at 508-817-1197 in perris ca.
Updated 24-Oct-2017
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