"Rescued dog, Male Yorkie

"Rescued dog, I just purchased a beautiful yorkie male that needed a home, I was afraid the little guy would end up at the pound so I decided to get him with hopes that I would be able to do what was right and search for him a forever home, If I could keep him myself I would but I already have my limit on furry friends. I have been working with him a little trying to see his abilities and he seems to be a we'll trained dog, he's potty trained, loves going for walks, gets along with other dogs, I'm not sure about him getting along with children being I do not have any. One thing that did impress me was his ability to jump high, have to say I have not seen a yorkie jump so high. He's a doll and a lover, and I am sure would be a great new member to any loving home. I paid $ 300.00 for him only a few days ago and am asking the same. OBO. If interested please call or email me back.