Kunekune piglets for sale

We are a small family run farm located in Perris CA. Our pigs are extremely socialized. We have a litter born on June 17 2012. You can visit our website at kunekuneparadisefarms.com or call Pam 714-313-0148. If a farm animal is what you are looking for, the smaller pig breeds are one of the best as pets. Kunekune are great for a novice owner as they are very placid, friendly and love to be with their owners. They are extremely smart and easy to train. Kunekunes are very trustworthy, easy to handle, and safe to have children around. Another benefit is pigs don't get fleas! Some other mini pigs can get aggressive when their hormones kick in around 2 yrs, as well as being skidish and hard to even catch. Kunekune pigs will run to greet you every time. Their personalities only get better with age. These pigs do get to be about 100 lbs. They are stout and low to the ground. They are dense animals so they are not as big as they sound, but they are a farm animal which never thrives as a strictly indoor pet. They can come indoors, but do need a yard to get sunshine and iron from the dirt.
Updated 23-Aug-2012
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