Botox $6.95 Grand Opening Special-BravaMD

BravaMD is offering a Grand Opening Special of Botox for $6.95 per unit. Offer expires December 31, 2013. Must purchase a minimum of 20 Units. To schedule your appointment please call at 480-340-2348. In addition to Botox, BravaMD™ is dedicated to optimizing healthcare through balancing hormones, otherwise diminishing as we age past 30, thus enabling the highest quality of life attainable. Ask about or special on Hormone Balance Blood testing and consultation. Our mission is not just to make you Look Good but Also Feel Good BravaMD™ is focused on preventative and proactive medicine centered on Natural Hormonal Balancing. We utilize Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Restoration for the treatment of Menopause, Andropause, Hypothyroidism, weight control, Low Testosterone or any state that has caused illness or the loss of quality of life due to the imbalance or diminishment of our natural hormones. BravaMD™ will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your complete hormone system and provide the proper balance of hormones so you can feel your youthful self once again, naturally, with Bio-Identical Hormone Replenishment. Look and Feel Younger when you RECHARGE your Life with BravaMD™ Balanced Hormone & Restoration Therapy BravaMD™ Balanced Hormone Clinics can help you get you back to your optimal level to look and feel your best again. Symptoms of Imbalanced Hormones Decreased energy Loss of muscle mass Decreased sex drive Decreased mental sharpness Decreased desire for physical activity Mood changes including depression and irritability Increase in body fat Trouble sleeping Call to Schedule your Free Consultation and to take advantage of our Grand opening Special at 480-340-2348 18777 N 32nd St at 32nd St & Union Hills Read more: