2004 Yamaha R1

If you enjoy long walks on the beach, this bike is not for you. If you like listening to Nickelback, this bike is not for you. If you think I want to trade this bike for a broken dirtbike and an Xbox, this bike is not for you. If you are looking for a bike that will keep up with half-million-dollar cars, keep reading. This bike is crazy fast and will bring the front tire off the ground in both 1st and 2nd gears under the throttle alone. It is geared all the way down in the front and has the largest ring I could find for the rear. That being said, it still shifts out of 1st around 85 mph and will go top speed over 200. It has the lowest gearing out there, and is still an insane speed machine. There are a bunch of upgrades I have done with this bike: Flush mount LED headlights Integrated rear turn signal into the brake lights HID headlights Power Commander V with autotune Custom tuned on dyno for 5500 feet, 183hp @ the wheel Adjustable speedometer with max speed readout SBK carbon exhaust (looks rad, sounds rad) Titanium exhaust pipes (because why not) Body and frame sliders CRG adjustable hand levers Scotts steering stabilizer Gas tank cover Custom black windscreen Rear seat cowl, because you don't want two up going 200mph This has low-sided with me once at low speed. The frame sliders did their jobs, but the plastics on the right side now have some scratches as well--purely cosmetic. The frame is in perfect shape, as is the motor and everything else. I have taken meticulous care of this bike, constantly changing the oil, bleeding the brakes, etc. If you are ready for something like this or are just going through a midlife crisis and need to be scared back into living, this is the bike for you. You are welcome to come look at it and test riders will need cash in my hands. You will be impressed by this bike. Yes, I know there are R6 stickers on it. They call it a sleeper.
Updated 8-May-2018
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