2004 Yamaha R1

If you enjoy long walks on the beach, this bike is not for you. If you like listening to Nickelback, this bike is not for you. If you think I want to trade this bike for a broken dirtbike and an Xbox, this bike is not for you. If you are looking for a bike that will keep up with half-million-dollar cars, keep reading. This bike is crazy fast and will bring the front tire off the ground in both 1st and 2nd gears under the throttle alone. It is geared all the way down in the front and has the largest ring I could find for the rear. That being said, it still shifts out of 1st around 85 mph and will go top speed over 200. It has the lowest gearing out there, and is still an insane speed machine. There are a bunch of upgrades I have done with this bike: Flush mount LED headlights Integrated rear turn signal into the brake lights HID headlights
Updated over a month ago