11 month Female Black lab husky mix

Meet Energetic Sophie, she is a very sweet girl. Loves kids and other dogs. Non aggressive, potty trained, knows sit, stay, lay, & shake. Working on walking without pulling on leash & jumping up. She is still a puppy and can be jumpy. Doesn’t chew on shoes, furniture, toys etc. overall good dog. She has grown up with a 3/4year old child and another dog till a few months back when we moved. Negatives: she has a mild separation anxiety when crates or left inside alone. Some days are good others she has tore out our screen to our door. Just being honest. Sophie would benefit from a home with a fenced yard where she can run or a family with more time. Our living arrangements have changed and an RV is no place for a large dog with no one home. Needs rabies vaccine and to be spayed if you choose. She is very smart and loves to learn
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