"Red the Fire Truck: A Story of Friendship" Children's Books

Perfect for Holiday Gift Baskets, Children's Hospitals, Fire Stations, Libraries, Teachers, Schools, Parents, etc. ABOUT THE BOOK: Red the Fire Truck: A Story of Friendship © is a heartwarming and vividly colored children’s storybook about a fire truck and his favorite firefighter. For kids and heroes of all ages with a universal theme: To be needed and loved. BRAND NEW BOOKS(s) - $15.00 each (retail $22.95) or a case of 27 books for $364.50 ($13.50 per book) REVIEWS: “Firefighters not only have, but need, a connection with their equipment, and Debi and Mike have captured that perfectly. Firefighters' lives, and the lives of people in their communities, depend on the respect firefighters have for their trucks and tools. Each truck has its own personality, from the way it starts to the way it operates. Some are like race horses, lunging into action, and some are like mules which need gentle coaxing to get the job done, but each one is maintained, polished, and loved by the firefighters at the station. Most of all, they're adored by the children. Every fire hall should have a copy of this to read to children when they give hall tours.” Duncan Bowman, Firefighter
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