Sell - 1998 Stardust House Boat Share

Complete sale of House Boat available for $215,000.00 We are selling our share of a 1998 Stardust House Boat. Boat is in amazing condition. This boat is shared 6 ways with 5 other families that are all great people. The schedule is every six weeks but many families are flexible and willing to trade/not use certain weeks for you to stay longer. One Share Owner must be present on the vessel at all times during the stay on the boat. The boat cannot be loaned unless you accompany the non-owners. This House Boat currently has and includes the following accommodations: - 74' long by 18' wide (can be driven from inside or on top) - Cooling System - 4 Bedrooms (2 rooms on regular level and 2 w/ a few stairs to the lower level) - 2 1/2 Bathrooms ( 2 full bathrooms w/ shower, toilet and sink; 1 vanity area @ the lower level bedrooms)
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