Help Bail out Ms. Kitty, Saloon Girl, to benefit Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.

A Plea from Ms. Kitty, Saloon Girl at Texas Roadhouse in Paducah, KY: "I just can't believe it! They're comin' take li'l oh me to JAIL! They're comin' to get me on JUNE 20th, that's a Wednesday, to the Texas Roadhouse in Paducah AT HIGH NOON! When all y'all are dinin' on biscuits an' steak, I'mma be in jail! They say my crime is havin' a big heart, but I'll letcha in on a li'l secret- I really steal hearts! I need yer help! I need 'bout $5 - $10 of yer lunch money to bail me out. Oh, no sir, it ain't for me! It's for the children! Ya see, some children right here in our town have a bad, bad muscle disease an' they need yer help. I promise, all ya'lls bail benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). They said I might be able to get out early on 'good behavior'... but I don't have no good behavior! So that's why I need your help - I need you to donate to my bail! Just click on the donation button to make a secure donation - I know that together we'll Make a Muscle and Make a Difference in the fight against muscle disease. Did you know it takes $74 per minute for research for Muscular Dystrophy? See why I need yer help? Don't forger- donations are deductible to the tax man! An' then come see me, a real live Saloon Girl in full saloon-regalia on June 20th. Have ya'll ever had yer picture taken with a real live saloon girl? Well, sweetie, now's yer chance! Bring that fancy, camera pocket telephone an' show all yer friends that you support the childrens that have Muscular Dystrophy, and that yer just a great person! An' then show 'em yer picture with me on that Faceyspacy dandy social page all ya'll have! Seriously, I'll be lookin' for ya!" You don't have to wait until then, you can help post bail online securely at: http://www2.mda.org/goto/MsKitty
Updated 20-Jun-2012
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