Security Officer

Unarmed Security Officer (Paducah, KY) compensation: 9.25 G4S is currently hiring for unarmed security officers. Pay rate is $9.25. Please apply online first then call Tallyn at the office and schedule an interview. 615-360-6546 HOW TO APPLY 1. Go to 2. First time users, click on the REGISTER box in the upper right corner. 3. Fill out the form and click "create my account" at the bottom of the page. You will be sent an email that contains a link to verify your registration. You must click this link in your email before you can apply. 4. After you have registered you will have an email and password that will let you log in and apply for jobs anywhere, anytime. 5. You will be directed to your profile page. Skip this step, you can go back and fill it out later. 6. Click on the jobs tab at the top of the page 7. All jobs for the Nashville office can be found by typing in 37217 zip code and selecting the security services under Job Category. If we have jobs posted in Waverly, Calvert City KY, Clarksville, ect they will be found by typing in the same zip code. When the jobs pull up if any jobs are open besides Nashville the city will be listed beside the job. 8. Click on Apply for this job TIPS • EMPLOYMENT: When filling out the application you must list all employment from todays date and 7 years back. Fill out your first job and the dates. It will ask you if you have completed the 7 year employment history. Hit no, another drop down will show up so you can enter your employment. Do this until you have listed everything. • UNEMPLOYMENT/GAPS BETWEEN JOBS/MOVING/ECT: If at any point you were not employed then when it asks you do you have any periods of unemployment HIT YES! Fill in those dates and what you were doing. (School, Moving, Seeking work, Ect) It will ask you do you have any more periods of unemployment, if you have not listed your jobs, or the period of time where you did not have a job and you have not covered from today's date 7 year back then HIT YES! Fill in more unemployment until you have covered the 7 year requirement with no period of time not accounted for. If today is Jan 10, 2013 then please list back until Jan of 2007. • Currency: USD
Updated 9-Feb-2015
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