MINI-DUCTOR II hand held induction heater

USED BUT LIKE NEW...NEW THIS COST ME $800 with the accessory kit i am selling with it. Check out the video and see how it works http://www.theinductor.com/index.php?m=41 I will take $550 cash or full or partial trade i am open to all offers but i wont give it away i know what its worth but no longer have a use for it after changing jobs. The NEW! MINI-DUCTOR II (TM); The Professionals choice, hand held induction heater. New! Ergonomic housing with slip resistant hand grenade style gripping. Super Bright LED mounted at the end to illuminate the work load. Basic kit comes with; one pre-formed coil, one Bearing Buddy (rope) coil, a U-form coil (23" insulated wire), and an owners manual. The flameless solution to releasing hardware and other metalic components from corrosion and thread lock compounds. Without the collateral damage normally associated with torches. ALSO INCLUDED IS>>>MINI-DUCTOR™ COIL KIT, P/N MD 99-650
Updated 19-Sep-2012
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