Silver .999

Thank you, I am here to further the healing of all walks of life! My brothers and I are making sure no cheek is turned. We guarantee that our products are 100% organic, safe and non toxic to even pets and environments, as well as non GMO, We are GLOBAL. and have all certifications for every piece of land on this planet. We would appreciate it if you let us heal you or help us help you see our products for the love and light they bring and further our cause in getting people to know us(: Thank you. as for the ad, (if not allowed) please delete it. Thank you again. We love all of you! ~October Share the wealth Sale~ !!!We are Global!!! In every order shipped until October 31st, 2017 you will receive a Free .999 Silver Bullion Bar and or Bullion Round. All Certified Bullion has been added to a deep non transparent container. Our Master Craftsman will close his eyes & allow the Universe to assist him in choosing the Silver for you. .999 Silver Bars/Rounds can be anywhere from 1 to 500 Grams. This offer is extremely limited to 222 orders internationally. Once the Bullion is gone the offer ends. In light & love. www.mfkzt.net GO HERE -----> www.mfkzt.net<--------- Copy and paste link.... check out our products!!!