Hound would like to be a Farm dog

Beagle that loves to work. Her free spirit (she’s a good girl but doesn’t really like city life) is leading us to try to find her a better home. She likes fresh food or canned mixed with her kibble. Loves long walks but prefers to pull things (would make a good “reindog” for Santa’s elves’ sled. She would love to be a basket-dog ball star 🏀. She lives for long walks/runs. She can jump, dig, open doors (or try). She likes to hunt and has treed squirrels 🐿, killed bugs, and would love to play and hunt with you. “I’m a huntin’ dog!” She tells me. ;) This is a really good dog. We are just with a busy job and modern life in a big city, we feel we are failing her as her people. Would love to find her a really good place with lots of belly rubs and love. (She was rehomed to us. I just really didn’t understand a beagle’s need for wide open spaces. And more exercise than I can provide!) The rehoming fee is for a good home. Would like to see where she will be living before approval. Will consider fee going towards her care if home visit and approved.
Updated over a month ago