Green Giant Arborvitae

Green Giant Arborvitae is a vigorous growing, tightly pyramidal, evergreen tree with dense, rich green, scale-like foliage borne in flattened sprays on horizontal or ascending branches. Foliage has a graceful, fern like texture. No serious pests or disease problems. Quickly grows to 60 ft. tall by 20 ft. wide. Tolerates a wide range of soil, from sandy loam to heavy clay. Use as a single specimen or create an easily maintained hedge or screen. This is a tough tree and will not suffer damage from high wind or heavy ice and snow loads. We are a mom and pop grower with over twenty years experience growing container plants. Our method of growing produces very fibrous roots as you can see in the picture. You won't find roots like this on balled and burlapped trees that have 90% of their roots removed. Our trees will reestablish and grow much faster in your soil with superior 360 degree lateral root systems that rapidly expand to anchor our trees. No transplant shock results in superior survival usually 100%. Thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you. 1 Gallon Green Giant Arborvitae $12.00 ea. four-one-nine- 583-0775 We are badcreeknurseryonfacebook.