******Important******* Please contact Hot Cross Buns through our website link below, as we don't always receive Hoobly notifications. If the bunny is still listed, it is still available, unless it is on hold for a matching appointment, which will be noted. Lavender is a sweet junior doe (now 4 months). She is cuddly and gentle, but does enjoy playing and exploring. She will be a terrific pet an...
***For whatever reason, I have not been receiving new message nitifications from Hoobly, so please contact us through our website www.hotcrossbuns.org if you have any questions about Mandy or another of our Available Holland Lops. Hot Cross Buns' Mandy, a chestnut junior doe, is looking for her forever family. Please visit our website www.hotcrossbuns.org for more information. Simply click on t...
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