Sun Solaris System Administrator

Description: A newly acquired business is seeking a Solaris System Administrator in Novi, MI area with experience supporting multiple Operating System versions, both clients and servers. Responsibilities include OS support, development code ownership and build processing, customer support for multiple sites under a Service Level Agreement with 99.9997% uptime. Support for scripting and customer production system processes at multiple sites. Coordination of Oracle DB maintenance processes with our Oracle DBA. Support for backup process. First level support for all application and processing incidents. Minimal work direction needed, highly skilled and knowledgeable to the position and provides best practicing sharing within work group. Primary Position Requirements 1. Solaris System Administration a. Security b. Monitoring c. Performance Analysis and improvement d. System Analysis e. Diagnosis f. Server Failover 2. BEA WebLogic a. Management b. Monitoring c. Software Installation / Patch / Upgrades d. Failover e. Diagnosis 3. TalkMaster VoIP a. Management b. Performance Analysis and improvement c. Diagnosis d. Upgrades 4. Veritas Foundation Suite a. Management b. Monitoring c. Diagnosis d. Server Failover 5. NAS Appliance a. Management b. Monitoring c. Diagnosis d. Performance Analysis and improvement 6. Veritas NetBackup a. Management b. Monitoring c. Diagnosis 7. Software Configuration and Version management a. Ensure 100% of application is reproducible b. Manage developer access c. Manage version control d. Manage software deployments and version control for check-ins prior to releases 8. Hardcat Service and Maintenance a. Management b. Monitoring c. Diagnosis Secondary Position Requirements 1. Business Objects a. Management b. Monitoring c. Diagnostics 2. Network communications a. Monitoring b. Diagnostics 3. Complete all special projects as assigned by management. Approximate Time Allocation Monitoring tasks: 25% - Unix, NetApp, Windows, BEA, Oracle, DB Server, Application Server, Report Server, Network infrastructure, backups Troubleshooting: 20% New Development: 10% - Create X86 based Sapphire, new scripts, new monitoring processes Repair Sapphire lane hardware: 10% - Replace disk drives, memory, video card, battery, power supply, reload images, test Support customer maintenance activities: 10% - Archive, backups Support product: 25% - Support calls, hardware and software error messages, Q&A, Deployments, Documentation Essential Experience to Perform this Role 1. Solaris Unix expert (REQUIRED), 5+ years - Remote administration via telnet/ssh and console, OBP, Hardware Diagnostics on Spark platform, IPMP, SVM, Jumpstart 2. BEA WebLogic Administrator (preferred) 3. Veritas NetBackup Administrator (preferred) 4. Oracle experience (preferred) 5. NAS Administrator (preferred) 6. CVS Administrator (preferred) 7. TalkMaster VoIP experience (preferred) 8. Veritas Foundation Suite Administrator (preferred) 9. Veritas NetBackup Administrator (preferred) 10. Hardcat experience (preferred) 11. SQLServer experience (preferred) 12. Postgres experience (preferred) Required Education - Bachelor of Science in CIS or MIS or equivalent experience
Updated 15-Nov-2012