Vintage Round Wooden Trinket Box

This is a vintage, lidded, round, hard wood, hand turned trinket box. This trinket box was crafted on a wood lathe with hand held tools; the geometrical configurations were thus handcrafted; ie., the top ornamentation of the lid exhibits circular geometric designs and a repeating pattern of annular grooves. The bottom of the trinket box displays the same repeating pattern of circular configurations. Again it should be emphasized that this decor was all hand done. The color of both the interior and exterior of the trinket box are stained a rich medium brown. Both the inside and outside of the box are done in a in satin finish. Then measurements approximately are: 6 1/2” width x 6 1/2” height x 1 1/2” deep. I acquired this piece as part of an estate that I am charged with liquidating. It must have been properly housed, in that it is in excellent/immaculate condition, with no scratches, nor discoloration of the wood stain. This trinket box is an exquisite place to all store your jewelry, special keepsakes, or use as a display piece.
Updated 11-Sep-2018