Vintage Oak Wood Box

This is a vintage oak wood box. Exquisitely made of solid oak, this is a great place to store bric-brac/your valuables. The top of the box is brass hinged, and it is accentuated by an inlaid ceramic decal; ie., purple and lavender flowers, surrounded by dark green foliage. The top of the box displays brown-black hand carvings which compliment the ceramic inlay. The top and midsection of this box are also accented with linear designs, which are again hand carved. The exterior of the box is stained a dark brown hue while the interior is lined with a red fabric. The front has a metal hinge/clasp that locks for safe storage. The base of the box rests upon two continuous “legs”, located on its underside. The measurements approximately are: 7” L x 7” W x 3.5” H. I acquired this piece as part of an estate that I have been charged with liquidating. The box is in excellent condition; the characteristic tooling of this piece adds to its vintage patina and character.
Updated 11-Sep-2018