Vintage Decorative Aztec Terra-cotta Clay Plate

This is a decorative, vintage, aztec terra-cotta clay plate, hand made and hand painted. The painted geometric design represents the symbology of the ancient Aztec civilization. The primary colors of plate are dark brown, reddish brown/rust, black, and orange. A bird image is also present at the the front of the plate, possibly representing an Aztec God. The Aztec's more important gods were represented by birds; ie., the Symbol of Truth and wisdom was mostly represented by birds.   The approximate measurements are: 7” tall x 7” wide x and .25” in thickness. I acquired this piece as part of an estate that I have been charged with liquidating. This plate is in excellent vintage condition, while the patina piece of this adds to its classic charm. Lastly, this is a small plate with two holes to attach a string for wall hanging, or the plate can be displayed in the clear plate holder that accompanies this piece.
Updated 11-Sep-2018