Vintage Bugs Bunny Baseball Warner Bros Cookie Jar 1993

This is a vintage, 1993, Bugs Bunny Warner Brothers Cookie Jar. Bugs wears his baseball uniform of white, blue, and gray; his floppy ears and pink nose are accented by his blue baseball cap. In his right hand he holds a brown baseball glove that prominently displays a white base ball with red stitching. The base of the cookie jar is painted green as it is representative of green lawn. The measurements approximately are: 11” height x 9 1/2” (across the widest point). I acquired this cookie jar as part of an estate that I have been charged with liquidating. The “Bugs” is in EXCELLENT vintage condition; there are no chips, no cracks, nor crazing. Possibly this is due to the fact that it was housed as a cabinet piece. The underside of Bugs bears the insignia, “™ & C, 1993, Warner Bros. Inc., Cert. International Corp., Taiwan”. This cookie jar would be a home accent to any decor and make a “awesome” gift for the Bugs Bunny Fan.
Updated 11-Sep-2018