Maxine Hallmark "Shoebox" Votive Holder

This is a glazed, ceramic porcelain, vintage, 1990’s, Maxine Hallmark “Shoebox”, figural votive candle holder, and her dog Floyd. This votive holder is the creation of the artist John Wagner. It features Maxine, lounging in her rocking chair, wearing her signature bunny slippers and red checkered robe, resting her feet on a grey pot belly stove. Maxine’s blue coffee pot and coffee cup are also on this stove top. Floyd, is sitting on top of a tan soap box with his cup of coffee. They are both seated on a multi-colored rug; ie., blue, green, black, and pink. There are a pair of black ice skates laying on the rug. The base of the figure displays the following quote, “Happiness is where you find it. Maybe you shop look somewhere else”. The measurements approximately are: 5 7/8” tall x 7 1/4” wide x 5 1/8” deep. I acquired this piece as par of an estate that I am charged with liquidating. It is in excellent condition and looks as if it might have been a display piece. The underside bears the the mark, “ SHOEBOX, HMK CDS, Maxine, J. Wagner”.
Updated 17-Sep-2018