Egyptian Ancient Print On Papyrus

This is a multicolor print on papyrus, portraying Egyptian Art; specifically, the theme of this painting depicts an Egyptian Ancient worshipping religious grace icons before a battle. The art of ancient Egypt, and that of this painting, reflects clear and simple lines combined with simple shapes and flat areas of color; ie., the lack of the artist’s perspective when rendering this figure. The painting portrays a male figure-because of the religious character of the ancient Egyptian civilization, this could be a God or a priest. He is observed to be wearing a brown and blue head-dress, a long flowing white robe with blue and red decals. Green leaves flow about this figure, and he is also standing on a matching green platform. The figure is observed to be holding a urumi or metal whip; also he is holding an axe blade, for the purpose of slashing unarmored troops/hacking through hiding from covered wood shields. A symbolic blue and bright yellow sun displaying hieroglyphic script is observed. The script is red and blue and conveys a variety of pictures and religious symbols. The approximate measurements of the picture are: picture size (to mat board) 8 1/2” tall x 7” wide; mat board: 2” square; framed picture: 13 3/4” tall x 12” wide. The backside of the frame has a pre-installed sawtooth hanger for wall mounting. I acquired this piece as part of an estate that In have been charged with liquidating. It is in excellent condition.
Updated 11-Sep-2018