Art Glass Bud Vase Green Controlled Bubbles Weighted Ball Base

This Vintage, Clear, Green, and Controlled Bubbles Art Glass Paperweight base which doubles as a small bud vase. The bubbles are aligned to form strings in the green base, creating a dazzling effect. The vase measures approximately 8 1/4 " tall, and the base diameter measures 1 3/4". The vase is in excellent condition; there are no chips nor cracks. The color is exquisite. The vase is unbranded; however it is is hand blown as evidenced by its underside which bears a pontil mark that is polished and smooth. Being that this mark is present is an indication that this vase was "blown" and NOT made by pressing it into a mold. If you have any further questions please drop me a line and I will respond to you in email. THANK YOU AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!
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