European Cold Cuts and Cheese Platters for parties, banquets and other social events

Located in Norwalk, Taste of Europe is a grocery store/deli, which offers top quality European grocery products. Now we are also offering a catering service- you can order cold cuts, cheese and mixed cold cuts/cheese platters which are great for parties, banquets and all kinds of other social events. We have a wide selection of cold cuts and cheese- all prepared from 100% US ingredients according to traditional Old World recipes! All meat and diary products are made by local butchers and producers and daily stock deliveries ensure top quality and freshness of our merchandise. You can choose from a range of traditional Polish, German, Italian and Hungarian products which include such delicacies as Kielbasa Zywiecka and Krakowska, Black Forest Ham, Italian Soppresata Salami and Hungarian Teli or Csabai Salami, Krolewski Smoked Cheese, Zamojski Cheese, German Holtseer Tilsit Cheese and much more! By choosing our offer you save time and money which would be required to prepare a large platter with 10 or 15 different types of cold cuts. We will prepare platters for any number of guests, according to your needs. Surprize your guests with unique European flavors! Our platters not only taste great but they look great and will definitely be a great addition to your buffet. Visit our store at 239 Westport Avenue, Norwalk to view and taste premium European style cold cuts and cheese that you can choose for your platters or call 203 273 1038 for more information!
Updated 18-Oct-2012
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