Lakland 44-94 Deluxe Bass

2011 Lakland 44-94 deluxe bass . Quilted maple. active pickups. *** retail $3,600.00 *** DO YOUR RESEARCH $2,500.00 firm This is the bass that started Lakland down the path to boutique bliss! Designed to reside squarely between an American classic and a modern favorite, the 44-94 Deluxe is a tone machine that genre hops at your leisure. The split MM pickup delivers modern rock tones, while the "jazzy" neck pickup offers up a sound that firmly rooted in the vintage side of things. Tonally, the 44-94 Deluxe is a home run, but it's the uber-comfortable neck that really makes this a supreme instrument. The 44-94 Deluxe is the culmination of the finest electric bass features of all time, but refined and tweaked to Lakland's standards. The result is a stunning bass that plays like a well-loved vintage bass, but is simultaneously versatile enough to fit the needs of any modern bassist. 941-423-3711 Paradise Jewelry & Pawn
Updated 21-Mar-2013
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