COMPLETE ROOF REPAIRS/ rubber /alum. vinyl/ fiberglass

We find and fix the Leak The best leak is the one that never happens. This can only be accomplished with regular maintenance of your RV, which means re-sealing the seams and penetrations on a yearly basis. However, if your RV ever does spring leaks, for any reason, the best leak it can develop is the one you see as a drip inside the RV. It is the leak you do not see that will ruin your beautiful dream machine! Leaks and tears in an RV can quickly lead to more expensive RV leak repairs. Such leaks can allow moisture to access the inner structure of the vehicle. RV leak repairs and RV roof maintenance are now very easy with EPDM rubber and Liquid Roof coating. Customer Testimonials Rubber Alum EPDM Coatiing 5 yr warrenty extented warrenty avail. to 15 yrs transferable when you sale your Rigg Steve Berry Group since 1987 From structure rto simplly replacing dicor sealant Is your once White rubber roof turning Black? cracking The white rubber is actually the UVa and UVb protectant , if you have signs of wear and fade . Then yiou might be a canidate for RE Coating. we replace this white membrane surface with the WORLDS ONLY LIQUID RUBBER. this take about a week with prep and curring in a indoor controlled climate. keep water out, increase resale value, Call Steve Berry 401-454-9524 it takes a solid 72 hour to cure a liquid rubber roof,, we work in a profession clean shop, NOT outside iiin the Hood. one job at a time. WE ARE ON FACE BOOK.. @ RV ROOF REPAIR
Updated 24-Jul-2012
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