North Haven Architect

Inform Our primary goal as designers is to determine the best solutions for our clients, and communicate these with great clarity. Our process begins with research and evaluation, giving us insight into the demands of each project. We take into consideration factors including the unique needs of the client, as well as environmental conditions, the topography of the site, and the social impact. Inspire The design process is fluid, being rooted in creativity. Our clients are integral to this design process, and we provide them with powerful visualization tools using techniques such as renderings, computer graphics, and 3D imaging. Through attention to design details, we aim to provide inspiration to the creation process. Implement Our design team is backed by many years of experience. This experience, in conjunction with the right production tools, allows us to work within various timelines and meet even the most stringent of deadlines. Our designers oversee projects through all phases, from conception to completion, and we are happy to provide necessary information to clients every step along the way. Browse our various projects on this site, and contact us at (631) 458-0464 to view our extensive portfolio.
Updated 26-Sep-2014