I know that this is a lot to ask of someone. But it's not any more than I would do, or have done. Many times. I'm a disabled woman with severe spinal injuries. I had my back and neck broken while working in a state mental hospital. I'm not receiving my pension or my long term disability insurance. I don't know what happened with my Workers Compensation. My attorney was disbarred ~ nothing to do with me ~ but my payments stopped, I didn't receive my settlement, I lost my house, my van that I was living in has been stolen and totaled. I didn't have adequate insurance on it, by this time. My service dog has been murdered ~ living on the street. After saving my life many times. Due to the system being broken, I'm unable to qualify for almost any of the services that people with homes are eligible for. Such as medical rides,home care assistance,food pantries, fuel assistance, emergency phones, and more. I live as in a third world country. Hauling water, bathing outside, charging my smashed cell phone where I can. I literally risk my life to get rides to and from my doctor and my camp. The only person I can find to drive me is on probation for trying to kill me. I desperately need a vehicle for transportation, safety and to sleep in. Realistically, I need at least a van. I have almost no money. I'm living on Social Security Disability. Money that was taken out of my paycheck all the years I've worked. No handout. Unfortunately, it's not enough to rent a room, even. I still have active license plates from my van that was stolen. I'm still paying my car insurance. So I can transfer my plates to a new vehicle. I thought I could save the money, but there's too many thieves out here for that. Please! If anyone has a reliable vehicle that they could find the heart to donate, they will be saving my life. I won't survive the winter. All of my family is dead. And my friends disappeared when my money did. Of all the vehicles that I see for sale, surely there must be one person out there who cares. I don't know if you're supposed to put your number on here, but it's 774-300-7602.I wish I had something to trade or sell, but everything that was in my home was stolen from a storage facility. That insurance company won't pay, because of how it happened. I'm trying to fight the insurance companies and the commonwealth and sue my attorney. But I have to be alive to do that. Thank you so much for your time. Peace ✌❤✌🍀✌❤✌
Updated 11-Oct-2017
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