The following is a list of current slumlords in the city of Allentown,Pa. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE LANDLORDS! 1. Joe Clark & Susan Clark - Uses 6 fictitious names and they are as followed: Lehigh Landholdings Inc, Safe Home Investment Corp, Safe Home Investment Inc, Lehigh Urban Developers, CDC Developers Inc, & Lehigh Land Developers LLC Office Location: 522-524 W. Hamilton St. Phone Number: 610-821-1494, 610-434-4600, 484-357-9285, 2. EC Management Office Location: 841 W Chew St./301 N. 9th St. Phone: 610-439-2161 3. Charles J. Miller, Jr. 4. Joanne & Bob Carroll 5. Yahyah & Najia Saadzoi 6. Eugene C. Baker About Us: The tenant association of Allentown has been created to tackle the city's current renting issues. The association aims to educate residents of the city on their rights as a tenant and to assist with tenant-landlord disputes. TAOA also is going to be educating renters of current slumlords in the city. We are currently working with city agencies to improve rental conditions throughout the city. Membership is currently open to become a member of the association and have your voice heard. Membership is open to all people living in the city of Allentown, Pa covered by the Tenant Association who accept the aims and goals of the Association, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, or political belief, ethnic or national origin, sex or color.
Updated 12-Aug-2013

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