AFFORDABLE!!! QUALITY!!! I build many different sizes and shapes of chicken coops. All coops can be altered to how you want them. Starter Coop 3x3 holds up to 6 birds has chicken access door and flip top. 4x8x6 Large coop handles up to 20 birds has people door, chicken access door, large vents, 6 nesting boxes, 2 roosting poles 6x8x8 Chicken Mansion holds up to 40 birds, has 12 nesting boxes, sand roost, people access door, chicken access door. 3x4x4 Coop on wheels with handle up to 10 birds, 3 nesting boxes, Roosting pole. also available with no wheels or handles THE LOFT Chicken Coop 3x6 or 3x8 Run, with 3x4 House on top vented windows,easy access to eggs and for cleaning wheel accessory kit for an additional charge I build a wide variety of things picnic tables, rabbit hutches, dog houses, wishing wells . click on the link below to see more of our products
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