Freelance academic writer

We are hiring freelance academic writers (part time work-from-home job - academic sample essay and research paper writing for US students). Paying $5-32 per page written. Experienced writers are able to work full-time. Requirements: 1. Excellent written English 2. strong research skills 3. knowledge of MLA/APA styles A copy of your diploma and a completed writing sample are required to pass our recruitment process. Please apply at with your diploma scan to receive a task for a written sample in your field of study. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting personally identifiable information you may provide us through the website or email. We do not disclose this information to third parties. We are currently in need of writers who are knowledgeable in the following disciplines and academic levels: Accounting (Ph.D) = 3889 orders/year all levels, 531 Master's, 75 Ph.D. Art & Architecture (College 3-4, Masters) = 2089/year all levels, 103 Master's Classics English literature (College 3-4, Masters, Ph.D) = 5561 orders/year all levels, 862 College 3-4, 105 Master's, 29 Ph.D. Communications (Masters, Ph.D) = 3710 orders/year all levels, 241 Master's, 25 Ph.D Criminal law (College 3-4) = 1129 orders/year English (Ph.D) Film & Theater studies (all levels) = 1081 orders/year all levels Music (College 3-4, Ph.D) = 1014 orders/year all levels, 12 PH.D level Nursing (Master's, PH.D) = 2045 orders/year all levels, 441 Master's, 36 Ph.D Political science (Master's) = 4362 orders/year all levels, 411 Master's Philosophy (Masters, Ph.D) = 3304 orders/year all levels, 169 Master's, 27 Ph.D World literature (College 3-4, Master's) = 1294 all levels, 25 Master's In order to apply for a position of a writer, the applicants have to: 1. Submit a copy of their diploma or other document that shows the applicant has successfully completed an appropriate course (Please send these to 2. Receive a test assignment of a corresponding level and a desired discipline, and submit it back for evaluation within a given deadline. Brownie Freelance Limited is one of the established leaders in the academic assistance field in the US.
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