Help you sell on eBay

My name is Marc Cohen. I'm offering a service that everyone should be doing but they either don't want to or don't have the time or energy to do for themselves. Rather than wait tables to help pay for my college education (majoring in business), I have decided to try the entrepreneurial route and start up a business of my own. Every service will be supervised or conducted by either myself or my partner Raquel. Help-U-Sell items on eBay I will help you sell any items valued over $100 in your household in new or very good condition on my eBay site.All you need to do is sign an agreement, take one or two pictures of the item, and email us a description of the item, including name, model number and details. We will then tell you what we need to list the item for in order to sell it. You will agree to have us list it for you at that price and once the item is sold we will email you a postage paid label, you package it and put it in your mail box or bring it to the post office. It is that simple.
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