Exceptionally Gorgeous and Beautiful Smokey Quartz Gemstone and Dolomite Cluster

Exceptionally Gorgeous and Beautiful Smokey Quartz Gemstone and Dolomite Museum Specimen-This is a Large Beautiful Museum Specimen of Dark Smokey Quartz and Dolomite that formed on the front of the specimen. This is one of a kind and Very Rare Specimen, comes from Russia and Gemstone Quality. Measurements 5" Tall , Wide 9" and 3" Thick This Specimen is as Perfect with Perfection, Fantastic Price, so Unique and Top Quality. Smokey Quartz has these amazing fantastic naturally faceted points that appear polished but they are not! They are awesome! It just shimmers all over! This one is loaded and would make a Beautiful Centerpiece as it sits on it's own. So Gemmy! So naturally shiny! What a Beautiful Energy Resonating Piece! Just Awesome! Take a closer look at the photos, the points are just fabulous! quartz is Associated with Purification and Merging with the Higher Self. It can be used to Energize and Cleanse other Crystals. It works with the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras. It brings Spirit into play with One's Inner and Outer Life. A Great Meditation Crystal ! Useful in Energy Healing. Exceptional High Triple AAA Grade. This Beautiful Cluster been in My Gallery Collection over 30 Years. Exceptional Price $995.00 Shipping and Handling $35.95 Worth so much More. If interested please email and Visit: www.paulsgems.com For Unique Antiques and Treasures from Mother Earth. {On Craigslist Front Page you must go to left side of screen to Search Craigslist and Type in Paulsgems all of my items will Appear}Pictures show all Angles of this Beautiful Smokey Crystal Cluster.
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