Exceptionally a Gorgeous and Beautiful Huge Finger Calcite Crystal Cluster

This is Exceptionally a Gorgeous and Beautiful Huge Finger Calcite Crystal Cluster. This Beautiful Gallery Specimen comes from Mina Pistosa, Bernejillo Durango Mexico. Measurements Tall 6 3/4" Wide 10" Wide and 3 1/2" Thick. Weighs 7 lbs. On the surface of this Huge Specimen as tiny crystals thru -- out, the color- light brown -- beige. The most Beautiful Treasures are made by Mother Earth. Therefore, this specimen is a great item for Home or Office Decor. This is a Very Rare Specimen and is One of a Kind. This Specimen is as Perfect with Perfection, Fantastic Price, so Unique and Top Quality. Exceptional Triple AAA Grade. If you search on the internet you will never find anything like this. Go on to e bay, you will not find anything like this Rare Finger Calcite Cluster. This is the first one I have ever seen before in my whole life, since I've been Collecting. This Specimen has been in My Gallery Collection over 30 years. This would make a great gift for collector. Price $295.00 Shipping and Handling $35.95 Worth so much More. If interested please email and Visit: www.paulsgems.com For Unique Antiques and Treasures from Mother Earth. {On Craigslist Front Page you must go to left side of screen to Search Craigslist and Type in Paulsgems all of my items will Appear}Pictures show all Angles of this Beautiful Huge Finger Calcite Cluster.
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