Boat-themed notepad with magnet on back so you can hang it on the fridge. Click on this post to see a pic.
There is a lightly used covered cat litter box that I no longer need if anyone wants it ! It's pretty large, and easy to clean
I have 24 New Yorker magazines from the last half of 2018. Catch up on the movie and book reviews and great cartoons that you missed. Email if you are interested. Thanks!
I want to give this 25 inch RCA Color T.V., to someone that really need a t.v. sett. But No Mote Control. It work very good.I dont needed because, I have a 60 inch T.V. and I dont need it anymore.If interested, please get back with me. The T.V. is upstairs, and the T.V. is very heavy.
2113 Joseph St. Free big green sectional couch. We are moving and getting something new, it is all yours for the low low price of $00000. We have dogs and the couch is a little warn, but have at it if you want it It is on the curb at 2113 Joseph st.