NEW YEAR SPECIAL- Large Chicken Coops for 12 hens- Movable and Easily Winterized

*The last three Pictures are of a smaller coop that we use for our own flocks(Nine hens and 1 rooster share that coop. Those pictures is just to show you how our chickens like their coop!)* These wonderful large chicken coops are 4 feet by 8 feet, and 4 feet tall. Good for 10 (large breed) to 12 (bantam) chickens. Roost bars (10 feet ), nests and egg doors are all included. They're all predator-proof, sturdy, and easily winterized- Our idea of winterizing is to keep the coop warm and lets plenty of light in! We use good materials, 3" exterior deck screws for all structural parts, hardware cloth (1/2" mesh), and high grade stains (with the nice cedar tint) to protect the whole building. Here's a 6 minute video about our brand new chicken coop- and a video shows how you can easily winterize them. Just click the link below to watch: (or Copy the link and paste it into the address bar at the top of the browser, then hit enter.) http://www.ranch-coop.com/large-chicken-coop-B.html
Updated 23-Sep-2016
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