Free Scrap metal Pick

Aluminum Cans and all scrap metal accepted including, but not limited to: Washers Dryers Stoves Grills Refrigerators Microwaves Dishwashers Hot Water Tanks Furnaces Metal Car Parts Mowers Car Batteries Bicycles A/C Units Weed-wackers Blowers Snow Blowers Exercise Equipment Metal Bed Frames Cast Iron Tubs Heavy Equipment Above ground aluminum pools Aluminum siding Copper roofing Iron Brass Steel Stainless Steel Copper and Much More *** Sorry we do not accept propane tanks. We get the job done safely, efficiently and professionally. Whether you need a few items removed from your home, or a dismantling and hauling project. We provide convenient scheduling, and evening appointments. Most pick ups can be scheduled within an hour. We work 7 days a week. Call or text us today to schedule your FREE scrap metal pick up.
Updated 18-Oct-2017
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