Call: 1855-675-0083 IPad 2/3/4 Digitizer Repair

Call: 1855-675-0083 IPad 2/3/4 Digitizer Repair Basic Desktop or Laptop Diagnostics Evaluation of unit based on problem description Laptop or Desktop Tune-UpStarting Clean up computer Speed up overall operations Optimize OS Fix common windows issues Optimize system settings Laptop Screen Repair Starting (Parts extra, the cost of the replacement LCD screen, depending on your computer's make and model. ) Replacement of broken Laptop screens Virus and Spyware RemovalStarting Perform anti-virus & anti-spyware updates Remove Malware, Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Ransom ware etc. Virus and Spyware Software Installation Starting Installation of preventive software Removal of conflicting software Optimize system settings Operating System Reload Starting Dust and dirt removal Format Hard Drive Re-installation of Windows and all windows updates Install drivers & Support software for hardware in system Personal Data backup not included Proprietary software programs not included (Quick Books, CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Etc.) Customers must supply us with your operating system or manufacturer restore discs. Windows COA labels must be attached and readable. Upgrade & Component Installation Level 1Starting Case Fans Power Supplies Software Applications or RAM (Parts priced separately) Upgrade & Component Installation Level 2Starting IO Cards Sound, Video, Ethernet PCI or PCIe cards Hard Drives Optical Drives (CD/DVD) (Parts priced separately) Upgrade & Component Installation Level 3Starting Includes Motherboards or processors (Parts priced separately) ON-SITE SERVICE : NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS + WEEKENDS AND EVENINGS Our professionals can do what others cannot to fix broken computer or laptop. $49 per hour for home, $75 per hour for business. Need Help? Call : 1-855 -675 -0083 or Visit:
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