Hiring Male Caregiver

Nashville- Saturday and Sunday 10am-7pm ; Wed-Thurs-Fri 4pm-9pm IMMEDIATE NEED 40 yr old male, non-verbal. Individual must be monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that he remains safe and secure and to assure the safety of others. Walks independently and is at risk of elopement, therefore, he MUST be monitored and within arm’s reach at all times. Individual is diagnosed with Autism, OCD, and Mental Retardation and has limited ability to express his needs with several unintelligible words, gestures, and a communication book. (OCD)As much as is possible, his environment should remain the same at ALL times. Individual uses his communication book inconsistently since it’s not always practical in the community. He also knows some sign language and will use gestures to communicate with others. He is often aggressive toward staff, especially women, which often times, requires the assistance of more than one staff, on many occasions; staff must be called in to assist with, especially while in the community. He does not require any special assistance during meal time, other than meal preparation. He does not like to prepare meals and will sometimes need to be prompted to eat. He requires verbal prompting from support staff to complete his daily activities such as; bathing to assure that all areas are cleaned and during grooming and dressing. He can dress himself, but requires staff to choose clothing for him to wear so that his clothing is appropriate, especially related to inclement weather. After all bathing and dressing needs are completed individual will then eat breakfast and take medications before participating in the community in the activity of his choice. Individual always needs to be made aware of his plans in advance. This tends to alleviate some behaviors. Also, he is more apt to participate if he knows what his activities are in advance. Client is transported to his community activities by PA transportation. At home he assists with household chores; helping with laundry, washing dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning toilet and makes bed.