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Gator Case

Excellent condition. Holds 88 keyboard. Interior dimension is 53.5 x 15 x 6.
Gator Case for Electric Guitar (not for Bass). it has all kinds of POCKETS, ZIPPERS and places to store just about anything you could possibly need to play music. Cell Phones, Sheet Music, Song List, Capos, Tuners, Picks, etc... will ALL fit somewhere in this case and they will be Easily Accessible!! it's even got a zipper pocket on the strap for small items like picks, etc.. Asking $...
Passing my Axe Fx 3 Mk 1 unit in a Tweed (Gator) 3U head case on for another user. Everything works great with no issues. I can post some pictures later once back home. If you are close I don't have an issue with a little drive for a direct hand...
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