Motorized Bicyle Mechanic (Producer FMB)

Most people ask can this really be done. My answer is yes it can I have done it for other people and also made one myself it takes a little two stroke dirt dirt bike motor and a little time. Great for kids or other regular cyclelist much cheaper than a moped and practically the same speed from up to 30 to 40 miles an hour and also gets about 75 miles from a 1/2 gallon gas 2 stroke oil mixture gas tank which makes it a perfect gas saver for those great days outside where you wanna save your fuel in your normal car/truck. Has 2 stroke with hand trottle 415 chain and killswitch to shut engine off bring me your bike and I will check it out some models can't be motorized such as some stunt bikes and such but preferred models are 6 to 7 speed cruisers or moutain bikes. If you would like to call and set up an appointment call 2702263532. $370.00 per bike motor installment.
Updated 5-May-2013
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