Full Time Caregiver

Monday through Friday 11am-5pm (times adjustable) IMMEDIATE NEED 43 yrs old male. Transportation required using client van. Individual needs a reliable PA to assist with all personal care and mobility needs. Client is permanently in a wheelchair and uses his motorized wheelchair when he is out of his bed. There is a Track system lift in client home to assist with all transferring needs. Individual likes to be alone at times in his room free from PA’s and mom, although, he is monitored during this time to ensure client safety. PA needs to be nearby too able to respond to any issues that may develop while he is alone in his room. Has speech that is sometimes difficult to understand and will repeat his words when asked. He has a modified computer as a communication aid, but prefers to speak and is too stubborn to use it. He has the ability to improve but continues to need Speech Therapy. Individual is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and severe spastic quadriplegia. He can make most day-to-day decisions for himself, and usually demands to do so. He requires complete assistance from his mom for all complex decisions such as legal, medical, financial, health and all other life impacting decisions. Individual sleeps throughout the day at times due to not sleeping well at night or staying up late. Individual is fully dependent on PA staff for bathing, grooming, dressing and personal care supports. It is important for him to have access to his electronic equipment and has it placed around his bed so that he can scoot to reach any item that he wants while in the supine (stomach) position, watching movies and listing to music, being respected and having control over his life and decisions