Free wood and brush. Please take all cut wood and brush. Located on south east corner of Mill Street and Walnut Street in Mount Pleasant.
I need beeswax and will pay $5 a lb. it can be just comb or it can already be melted into a block. I will not accept any brood comb or any wax that is moldy.
Free Frigidaire refrigerator. 18 ft.. The freezer works but the lower refrigerator section is not cooling as it should. It could be a bad fan or something else. This is perfect for scrap metal or someone that wants a freezer for a garage. Please only call or text between 10 AM and midnight.
One large and one small wood frame window with dismantled wood jamb and casing and with storm window. From 100 yr old house. Also have some sheathing and other lumber. Would keep it if I had a place to keep it. Free. In Hessel now. Will be in Stanton after Feb 24th.
Wall artpicture - freeIm getting ready to move, so I also have a lot of other items for sale. Click on the More Ads by User button on this page to see them.
Pepsi vending machine in working condition ..Over 6ft tall and somewhere around 450 lb MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SEVERAL VERY STRONG MEN A TRAILER...WILL NOT FIT IN A PICKUP TRUCK......UNLESS ITS LAID ON ITS BACK MAYBEAbsolutely free for the taking come pick up any time its in front of the garage.
Free record player and stand which holds records. When I plug it in, the lights come on, and that is all I know The phonograph does spin around.Just come and get it thats all I ask. I need it out of the house by May 15th
Free Hide-A-Bed Sofa Sleeper with washable couch cover. You can pick it up at 4652 N. Winans Road, Alma, MI 48801. Its about 78 inches long.
Opened cottage and Keurig wouldnt work. Took it apart, it has a leak, worked great before winter. Rather than just throw it away would like to give to someone for parts. Box in pic is new replacement......not the one we are giving away.
Previously used finished ship lap wainscoting 34 thick mostly 35 height, varying widths with most 7-9 wide. Approx 16 pieces - only one has outlet cutout. A few pieces taller as pictured. Included 32 long, 3 14 wide tongue and groove finished oak trim, 516 thick. Nine pieces and a few shorter pieces.Pick up only.
Free, standing and down trees. You cut, load and haul away. Take all you want just clean up after yourselves. Trees are in water. Water is just over ankle deep where I was roaming around. Either now or can wait til winter when frozen over but this is first come first serve will not hold
I have less than a pickup trucks worth of stone and dirt here. But Ive also got more dirt in the back of the yard if you want more fill dirt. You can drive a truck right to the piles and shovel in what you want.
15mo old Billy bad boy Super Blue egger Amaracana FreeAgent Mighty joe loves music can dance to country 12human pet however will kick ash in the bull pen . Needing some chicks to swing with Galaxy Walter Weight chionship state silvermetalist kick boxing. I Promise to watch the flock 24 hrs sex them proper for egg goddis at your home. Coon alarm morning wakeup alarm sing for breakfast dance for ...
Free sectional. Legs screw on. theyre in a bag on the couch. Please dont reply to post. When I notice its gone Ill take the post down. 8584 Buckingham Dr Ypsi 48198