1980 Porsche 928s Euro 5 Speed 44k Original Miles

I can text or email more pictures.* I am selling my very rare and collectible 1980 Porsche 928s Euro. This is a super nice original car that has an interesting history. I will attempt to describe it as accurately as possible, and as I have understood the history as it was told to me. This is the highly sought after Euro model which has the 300 horsepower fuel injected all aluminum 4.7L V8 engine, along with 5 speed manual gear box. Factory Guards Red exterior paint with supple Black leather interior. This car runs and rides out well and should be able to be driven anywhere. I have personally put very little mileage on the car, but car appears to be road worthy and dependable as best I can tell. I had planned on keeping the car and enjoying it, but some personal issues are forcing me to sell. This Porsche is truly an outstanding car and I hate to part with it. The car comes with a tremendous amount of paperwork and documentation collected over the years as well as general and specific specs of the car, wiring diagrams, repair notes, service manual, etc. I have a huge stack of paperwork for this car. The original owner who I believe to be a Mr. Roy Stetina, had the car shipped to the U.S. in April of 1985, I have the shipping document confirming that date. I have miscellaneous documents that state the mileage of the car throughout the 1980's and 1990's leading me to believe that the current mileage of 44,xxx is indeed correct. Mr. Stetina kept an unbelievable amount of paperwork, documentation, as well as personal notes on this car. It is truly remarkable how many notes he took, and how much research he did on this car. In 1994, Mr. Stetina decided that he liked the later model S4 (1986) nose and frontend, so he purchased the parts and had the frontend changed out and painted to match. Converting the frontend to the newer style front nose was very common throughout the 80's and 90's. The car was occasionally driven for pleasure throughout the time after it was brought here to the U.S. until the untimely passing of Mr. Stetina in or around 2008/2009. The car sat indoors in the care of Mr. Stetina's widow until 12/2013 in which time it was purchased by the second owner here in Indianapolis. The second owner described to me that with the help of a local Porsche expert, he rebuilt the entire fuel and fuel injection system on the car in 2014, as it was in need of repair due to sitting in storage for multiple years. The second owner put very little mileage on the car, and only tinkered with it occasionally due to traveling a lot for his job. He was forced to sell in 06/2017 due to unforeseen personal issues at which time I purchased the car. When I purchased the car it was running and driving, but needed some attention. I took the car to my highly reputable local German auto repair shop in 10/2017 where I had an oil change and full ignition tune up performed on the car including plugs, wires, cap and rotor using all factory Porsche parts. At that time I also had the rear brake system replaced/rebuilt including new brake pads, rotors, rear wheel brake sensors, and the calipers professionally rebuilt as well as an overall inspection done on the car. It now runs and drives very well and should be able to be driven anywhere. Unfortunately I have not had the time to put many miles on it, but what I have driven it, it is has performed well with no issues. The car is overall very good condition, runs out and drives very well. Steering and suspension are crisp and tight, engine and gear box operate smoothly, car is a blast to drive! The body lines and panels are very straight, the paint is very nice and shines well. The interior is very close to what I would call immaculate, very clean, nice and original with exception of an aftermarket radio in which I had plans to remove to install an original. The dash doesn’t appear to have any cracks or damage and is in overall excellent condition. All of the leath...
Updated 3-Jan-2018
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