In great condition fully equipped hamster cage with accessories wheel ball water bottle swing food box and over one year of food litter cotton and treats over $150 in value
BRAND NEW CONDITION [used for 4 months] Included: - Habitrail Ovo Loft - Water bottle - Wheel - Food tower/hideout combo - Habitrail Ovo mini maze (second picture) - Habitrail Ovo tower (second picture) Retail on Amazon for cage alone is 80$ Big enough for Syrian hamsters
Wonderful cage! Can see your little friend at all times. Comes with extras - Larger wheel, ceramic feeding bowl, exercise ball, wood chips, etc... Very clean - tubes and all, some spots in corners on main floor which is common . Great condition. I have 2 (2 kids)! Sells for $75+tax. Asking $45 firm Wide Playing Areas, 18, 11x11, 61xH 14, 76-Inch Features & details * Large playing areas for hams...
Very used but disinfected and piggies just got a bigger cage no disease.