1953 MGTD

This 1953 MG TD is an exceptional example of great old-world style of hand-craftsmanship, and it's also ready to take the long way home today. Even though Detroit was producing a great deal of iron in the 1950's, this roadster's body is proudly supported by ash wood. This MG is already a standout, so it doesn't need a boisterous color. That's why we love the sophisticated British MG red, which looks particularly nice because it has been treated to a quality restoration that not only applied the color, but ensured that all the panels fit nicely. As a result, all the iconic touches are correct - from the upright grille, to the long flowing fenders, to the rear-mounted spare tire. These cool little roadsters are best for sunny day outings. But if the weather does turn wet, the Creme folding roof will help keep you dry on your drive home. The motto for the interior should be, "No radio. No windows. No problem." These MGs are a great lesson in purist motoring. The grippy three-spoke steering wheel, clear Jaeger gauges, and a manual transmission - and that's all you need. Your senses will go into overload as you sit in the seats and gaze at the curved dash panel. Pull the start button and then the wind whips through the interior while you help fill it with the wonderful soundtrack from the motor. And yet being a minimalist does not mean lacking in style. Attention is guaranteed when you park this British invasion among the big Detroit metal at car shows. The engine is the correct 1250 cc inline-four unit, and there has been plenty invested in making sure the engine runs and while looking this good. It's an overhead valve unit with twin SU carburetors. The drivetrain was built for you to go out and row through the gears of the four-speed transmission and get the most out of its little motor. Just like the legs on a little dog, the MG's engine has a peppy attitude that's happiest when it's kicking just about as fast as it can. The light body weight, modern Firestone tires, and independent front suspension all contribute to this sporting attitude. To get the most fun out of this roadster, it need you. That's what makes these MGs so popular - you are connected with the machine. This car needs you to get to the destination, and when you get there, it feels like an accomplishment. The undercarriage is all correct and clean. This MG TD is a quality, and cut-above classic from every angle. Don't let the opportunity to be a part of the celebration of the finest era in European motoring pass you by.
Updated 26-Feb-2018
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